Cyber attacks can threaten your online business.

We provide a monthly plan that protects your security, core WordPress files, and WordPress plugins.

You will receive constant WordPress version updates for the entire year, along with 28 other spam/hacking/blocking resources. Your site will be scanned for malware & you’ll receive monthly reports detailing your updates.

Complete WordPress Security + Backups

WordPress Core Updates

Ensure the stability of your website by staying current with WordPress core updates, carefully managing releases to maintain a secure online environment.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Keep plugins updated and ensure stability before deploying the latest versions. Any paid plugin licenses would be your responsibility. If a license lapses, we cannot update the plugin properly.

Incremental Backups

Rely on our daily and weekly backup strategy to quickly restore your website in the event of disruptions or compromises.

Safety Updates Prioritized

We prioritize safety with swift resolutions for any plugin updates that have been flagged as an immediate threat that may disrupt your website.

Real-time Firewall

Enhance your website's security with a real-time firewall, actively blocking potential threats and safeguarding your online presence.

Bot Protection

Defend against automated attacks with advanced bot protection, keeping your website safe from malicious activities and potential breaches.

Daily Malware Scans

We implement and monitor daily malware scans using Wordfence, providing a proactive defense against potential security threats to your website.

Vulnerability Monitoring

We stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities with active monitoring, ensuring timely updates and patches to maintain a secure website.

Instant Malware Removal

We act swiftly with instant malware removal, eliminating any detected threats promptly to maintain the integrity of your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Our team keeps track of your website's uptime status, ensuring continuous online availability and addressing any issues promptly to minimize downtime.

Activity Log

We maintain comprehensive activity log for your website, allowing you to track changes, user interactions, and potential security incidents.

Login Protection

Secure your website against unauthorized access with robust login protection measures, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive areas.

Monthly Report via Email

Stay informed with a monthly email report summarizing your website's security status and activities, providing insights into ongoing protective measures.