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Design Done Right thrives on redesigning an existing business and giving it a modern day feel. We have redesigned the image of 50+ year old companies with fantastic results and also help brand new business start-ups. We help remarket businesses all over NEPA on a daily basis and would like the opportunity to discuss your current design dilemma.

There can be many reasons why a business needs a website redesign, maybe it’s very outdated and time for a change, or maybe it’s not pulling in as much revenue as you believe it should. Whatever the case, give us a call to discuss your businesses online goals. We can provide a real game plan to get you on-track for online marketing, promotion and website generating sales. Not to mention, an appearance overhaul that will even impress your competitors!

Many companies over the past year have been redesigning their sites to be easier to manage in-house, we recommend CMS systems. Content Management Systems makes your site easier to maintain, seamlessly stream content from social media, provide back-end databases and updateable slideshows. If your website is currently in a mode where it’s difficult for you to update we can turn your existing site into a CMS or redesign the site completely for a fresh facelift.

There are also many technical assets to a redesign, we preview your redesign in a variety of browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox among others. Redesigning or redeveloping should also include targeting the correct audience – for example a college website would not want to target parents or teachers, it needs to target students. You need to know your target audience and then create text and use keywords (we like Google AdWords) to ensure your site is on the path to being search engine friendly.

Another consideration with a website redesign is the artwork on your site, are you happy with your logo? If not, now is the time to change, rebrand yourself in one step then follow up post-launch to business organizations and clients through print and e-marketing. You should also consider evaluating images, should you use stock, or local images, do you have professional staff portraits, etc? Now is the time to rethink every aspect of your old site – good and bad.

If you think a website redesign could be in your company’s future, give us a call for your Free Consultation, we can walk you through affordable solutions for your online project as well as offer ideas on how to market your business after the launch to insure positive results.


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