Email marketing boosts customer communication by providing you the tools to effectively target the right customers and get immediate feedback. Email marketing puts you in your customers’ inboxes allowing you to avoid spam filters and be seen by your top prospects. It also provides the most for your budget as you won’t be paying for printing or postage fees.

Get your message out without spending $$ on print or postage? E-Marketing is your solution!

Best of all, you tailor your message and keep the lines of communication open with your clients. From monthly or quarterly newsletters to event marketing, online surveys and social media, email marketing brings you into the world of web instantly.

Another strong factor in choosing E-Marketing is that you instantly know who opened your email blast, if it was forwarded and can see your percentages of opened mail to know which email blasts were most effective.

Design Done Right creates email marketing or e-blast templates for many of our clients, we provide you with the tools and pre-designed layout to match your website allowing you to create email blasts on your own. We are also always here if you prefer Design Done Right to handle all internet marketing.

In addition to your company e-newsletter, additional email marketing techniques include:

Event Marketing: Have people register for your event, pay for your event, host different events and keep a tally of your RSVP’s.

Online Surveys: If you’re looking to poll your audience while looking organized and professional, online survey marketing is your answer. You can create ad-free survey invitations, polls, or questionnaires and link through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to put social media to work for your business with safe & secure data collection.

We work with a variety of companies such as Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Ask Emma and Rate Point to provide the targeted solution for your online marketing needs. Give us a call today to discuss the world of e-marketing.

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