Inefficiency in the workplace can often lead to poor time management, increased costs, and lost revenues. If you are a NEPA business owner and these results sound all too familiar, it’s the right time to contact the team at Design Done Right. Understanding how to solve problems and provide permanent reliable solutions, they can strategize with you and build anything custom, tailored to meet your business needs. They can help to provide backups to your current system, streamline your processes and add accountability with your infrastructure. Choosing the right team often leads to success or failure with a project. Why not choose a team with experience?

Instead of focusing on industry statistics, on this page, it’s more important to take a look at some of the solutions Design Done Right provides. Why focus examples? Examples allow for a mental picture of how a project/process unfolds and helps to bring about a unique idea you may have for your own business. Often times, a business owner may not even realize they have problem until faced with real-life experiences. All of a sudden, a light bulb moment…”I can use help with that facet of business!”

Example Project 1

Problem: Accepting payment of a tax bill without the use of a credit card

Solution: Design Done Right created a database for a tax collector, allowing for another form of payment.

Benefits: The software backend organized and marked items as paid, with receipts, thus alleviating unnecessary late fees for people. Revenue increased as staff did not have to utilize man-hours to fix problems manually. The efficiency of the system allowed the office to realize a 3x increase to the amount of payments in Year 1.

Example Project 2

Problem: Planning custom tours more efficiently for students wishing to travel to Spain and Portugal.

Solution: Design Done Right created a business plan that would accommodate the needs of a local educational travel agency.

Benefits: A secure user database allows teaches at schools to sign up students to plan and customize these amazing, life-experience trips. Further customization allows each student to select a payment plan and choose a roommate. Students are happier with the ability to choose a familiar roommate when they are away from home and parents are well informed about payment plans and options. The whole trip-planning process is streamlined and allows for more-efficient planning.

Example Project 3

Problem: A home healthcare agency was encountering problems tracking employee time, scheduling, and meeting specific patient needs. An example of a patient need is a woman who requires help taking medicine, but has cats. The healthcare agency would need to schedule a skilled employee that is not allergic to cats.

Solution: Design Done Right created an automated process.

Benefits: Automation enables customers to save time and money. This process also eliminates errors during scheduling. The office staff doesn’t have to worry if an employee needs to be out for personal or vacation reasons because the system is automated.

If you have an idea, but aren’t finding the right solution, contact Design Done Right today.

Perhaps you are not sure how to tie custom software development to your website, app, or custom internal database, don’t worry, we are excited to help you develop your next project. We’re here to make it easier for you to find business success!

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