Before you start… let’s set up your Google Analytics & Search Console

It is important that we do have access to both to successfully complete your website search optimization, and submit the new site to Google.

  • Google Analytics: This allows us to set up, and retrieve the visitor tracking code needed to add to your website.
  • Google Search Console: This console manages the sitemap that Google uses to index the pages of your website. We will submit a new sitemap to be crawled at the completion of your project.

Please add as user on your Google Analytics account, as well as your Google Search Console.

You will need to log into both control panels to do this.

NOTE: Because of the security precautions Google implements, we cannot use your Google login. This protects you, and us. You will need to add us as a user, as outlined above. Once we are completed with your project, you are free to remove our access.

If this is a NEW website, or you’ve never had Google Analytics on your website, we will create a new account for you and send you the login at the completion of your project.

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