Hilltop Castle

The Hilltop collection of properties includes five unique estates which can be rented out separately or as an entire unit in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There is not a single inch of overlooked space in any of these gorgeous properties, whether it is a corporate retreat or lavish event, the team at Design Done Right wanted the vision for their websites to match the details in architectural design.

We created the individual sites to also act as a whole when visitors searched between them to find the right match for their specific needs. Having different websites with different domain names also helped them have a wider reach in Google to be found easier in search engines. This way each estate has its own website of information, available amenities and tours of the individual properties. The pages were also designed with similar layouts but with slight changes in colors to differentiate between properties such as the lodge, farmhouse and mansion.

The logo was reminiscent of a stained glass window in a doorway which still greets you today. We had a great time working on this project including a photoshoot, logo creation and planning the navigation of the websites and look forward to their continued partnership.