Do you sell a great product?

BUT – does it look great?

Packaging Design can make or break your product. When you’re trying to grab a customer, it has to be immediate, you need to draw them to your shelf and make them grab your product over your competitors. You have on average 4 SECONDS to grab attention on a shelf, be different.

At Design Done Right we realize you have one shot to do this correctly. We take the extra time to research your competitors, design a unique logo for your business that can be used in multiple applications, from business cards to packaging containers, boxes and photo shoots. We also take into consideration placements of necessary components as nutritional or ingredient information and bar coding. We can also help you market to our little corner of the world in northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.


There are some other considerations when designing packaging, have you considered who your audience is? If for example, your audience is a clothing line for teenage girls, you could use a bright and upbeat color palette with fuschia, orange and purple to drive sales, compared to senior citizens who may find pastels or darker shades more appealing.


You should also keep it short. Let photographs and your logo do the talking, all too many times the inventor will want to include every single piece of information about their product, but that only creates clutter and affects your overall image.

Design Done Right also works with a variety of local printers who can quote on your specific job. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the printing. Never choose a matte label if your product can ever come in contact with water or the ink will bleed, always choose products that can stand the wear and tear of shelf life and if you can – go green with soy inks and high content recycled paper.

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