Adirondack Outpost

Adirondack Outpost is a new small business start-up located in the gorgeous mountains of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Kasey and John’s goal was to have a logo that appeals to homeowners that would hire them to provide luxuries along with steady cleaning services for short term rentals. The couple strives to find unique, locally sourced products and vendors for the rental properties their customers hire Adirondack Outpost to serve.

For the logo we wanted a trendy, yet rustic vibe to it that appealed to all age groups. It’s a one color logo that can be used in multiple ways throughout the homes special touches and marketing materials. Swag items look great from keychains to yeti cups, tshirts and laser cut wooden signs.

Design Done Right wanted to keep our client’s vision of having a luxurious vibe in country mountains for the feel of their website that visitors would turn to customers. The WordPress website is linked to social media and easy to maintain in-house to grow as their business grows. It can link to featured airbnb properties for her visitors to see a running client list and help promote the renters at the same time. The SEO added helps homeowners find their services and continue to grow Adirondack Outpost. We wish Kasey and John all the success in the world and are happy to help them as business needs expand.