MuirCampaigns take all the elements of branding and high-end marketing to a new level through audience saturation.

Campaigns should be seen constantly and in various medias… for example, your audience should recognize your brand instantly through signage, print materials such as brochures and also online through your website, advertisements and if desired, television or radio ads.

Design Done Right specializes in researching the effective campaign marketing trends for our specific area of Northeastern Pennsylvania, including Scranton, Clarks-Summit, Wilkes-Barre, Honesdale and Milford. We live in a unique area and are fortunate have many towns and cities close together with businesses that offer everything imaginable. Your goal as a politician or a financial institution is to target the business owners and residents of this area. Our goal is to help you succeed with online print and marketing solutions at a great price. We believe that the further you can stretch your advertising dollar – the longer you can stay in the public eye and effectively spread your message.